The Toronto 2030 District is a private-public initiative committed to achieving a low-carbon future. We are a broad stakeholder network comprised of property owners and managers, tenants, utilities, government, service providers and civil society within Toronto’s downtown core. Our focus is on reducing building-related energy use, water consumption, and transportation emissions. 

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                                                                                OUR PRIORITIES

  1. Quantify. Develop and disseminate a better understanding of District-wide energy consumption, water consumption and greenhouse gas emissions to inform more strategic program development, better policy and more meaningful stakeholder outreach.
  2. Connect. Act as a catalyst, connector and advisor to accelerate the adoption of best practices, conservation program participation and knowledge transfer within the District.
  3. Collaborate. Convene key stakeholders in the local building sector to help create a more effective building conservation community across all building types in the District.
  4. Mobilize. Work with District stakeholders to identify systemic barriers to conservation and provide platforms and tools for collective action to overcome them.


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