The Detroit 2030 District is a private -public community in Detroit which aims to assist building owners & managers in reducing energy, water and green house gas emissions from transportation. The Detroit 2030 District is a part of a national collaboration and is the 16th District in North America.  The Detroit 2030 District is a strategic initiative of the U.S. Green Building Council, Detroit Region.

The members of the Detroit 2030 District will work together to promote and reach the goals of the 2030 Architecture Challenge.  Educational and networking events will assist building owners & managers in reaching the goals of the District. 

The program is FREE for building owners & managers.  Like-minded organizations are encouraged to collaborate with the District as a Community Stakeholder.  Professional Partnerships & Sponsorships are available. 

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Detroit 2030 District Goals

The Detroit 2030 District will pursue a reduction in energy and water consumption against baselines established using federal surveys (CBECS) and verified local utility data. The goal is 50% reduction against a 2003 baseline. 

The District also provides education, resources and guidance for all members to achieve the following: 

  • Track and share accurate usage data in order to aggregate District performance, and improve building management;

  • Establish efficiency planning at the building and/or organizational level;

  • Set reduction and management goals for maximum building performance and longevity;

  • Implement upgrades, commissioning, and best management practices to reach goals.

Individual building performance is never publicized.

Buildings in our program can be found on our interactive map:

Thank you to our newest Founding Visionary Partner!

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