Energy Savings

What We Learned: March Partner Meeting

Each month, the Pittsburgh 2030 District holds a Partner Meeting convening Property Partners, Community and Resource Partners, sponsors and other stakeholders to discuss the latest relevant happenings and information for the city. Meetings are held in a different location within the District’s two boundaries, Downtown and Oakland, giving building owners and facility managers the opportunity to share their successes and challenges. Additional speakers present industry information and updates on a variety of critical topics.

Tompkins County and City of Ithaca Launch Energize NY Finance Program

Tompkins County Legislature Chair Michael Lane and City of Ithaca Mayor Svante Myrick joined with local government and business leaders today to officially launch the Energize NY Finance program, designed to help commercial and non-profit building owners reduce their operating costs and increase the value of their buildings through clean energy improvements. 

Inslee solidifies international partnerships to take action on climate change

While attending COP21 in Paris, Gov. Jay Inslee signed on to several agreements in an effort to boost global cooperation on climate action and strengthen Washington’s commitment to be part of global action on climate.

“This is an opportunity to renew our commitment to fighting carbon pollution and work across borders to find creative solutions to climate action,” Inslee said. “Washington is not alone when we act on climate, and these partnerships are a way to forge ahead, share best practices and collaborate on policy that works on a local scale to effect global change.”

"Seal the Cracks" Raises Awareness About Local Carbon Offsets

The Finger Lakes Climate Fund has kicked its "Seal the Cracks" campaign this fall to raise awareness about local carbon offsetting and how to help others at the same time we take responsibility for our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

The campaign will culminate in a community-wide carbon offset week from October 24 to 30 filled with fun and inspiring events for families, students, businesses, and local residents.  

King County becomes largest government in U.S. to use new energy-tracking system used by Microsoft


King County is the largest government in the United States to use the same energy-tracking system that Microsoft uses to reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions at many of its buildings. The design firm MacDonald-Miller will install the software at no cost to taxpayers at five King County facilities for a two-year pilot project.

Small Buildings Can Make Big Changes in Energy Efficiency with this Workshop

Although small buildings (<50,000 sq ft) account for nearly half the energy used by US commercial buildings, they are under-served by energy efficiency programs. Green Building Alliance (GBA) is partnering with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) and ASHRAE Pittsburgh to offer a solution to this problem by engaging some of the people who know small commercial buildings best: HVAC contractors.