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With over 580 million square feet of commercial building space and over 1,400 member organizations, 2030 Districts are rapidly emerging as a new model for urban sustainability.

Private-Public Partnerships

2030 Districts are organizations led by the private sector, with local building industry leaders uniting around a shared vision for sustainability and economic growth – while aligning with local community groups and government to achieve significant energy, water, and emissions reductions within our commercial cores. Property owner/manager/developers join a local 2030 District to help them make significant changes to their properties to create reductions necessary to transition to a low carbon economy.

A Successful 2030 District is a Private-Public Partnership, comprised of:

Property Owners and Managers

that own, manage, and/or develop real estate within a District boundary.

Services Stakeholders

providing related services within a District boundary.

Community Stakeholders

representing either non-profit organizations or local government.


Leveraging Strategic Partnerships

  • Energy Assessment
  • Benchmarking
  • Guidance
  • Software Tools
  • Training
  • Collective Buying Power
  • Professional Services
  • Influence

Achieving District-Wide Goals

2030 Districts commit to reducing:

Energy Use


Transportation GHG Emissions

50% by 2030

2030 Districts are meeting incremental reduction targets for new and existing buildings set by the 2030 Challenge for Planning, which was issued by Architecture 2030, a non-profit organization committed to transforming the built environment from a major contributor of greenhouse gas emissions to a central part of the climate crisis.

Linked In a Powerful Network



The 2030 Districts Network has been established to lead the effort to help newly forming Districts and to coordinate existing District resources and collaborations in cities across the United States.  The 2030 Districts Network's objective is for 2030 District national collaborators and partners to have equal access to the support and resources needed to achieve the 2030 Challenge for Planning targets.


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