About the Toronto 2030 District

The Toronto 2030 District is a private-public initiative committed to achieving a low-carbon future. We are a broad stakeholder network comprised of property owners and managers, tenants, utilities, government, service providers and civil society within downtown Toronto. Our focus is on reducing building-related energy use, water consumption, and transportation emissions.

The Toronto 2030 District encompasses over 300 million square feet of office, commercial, residential, institutional, and industrial space. The District aims to accelerate the pace of change by recognizing that different buildings have different solutions and that community infrastructure has a large part to play in getting to the solution.

To achieve this, the District acts as a learning and knowledge sharing platform aimed at identifying the individual and collaborative opportunities for most effective action. It also seeks context-based solutions that help property owners and managers realize a competitive advantage in cost, resilience, and reputation.

The Toronto 2030 District is part of a member network of 22 Districts in cities across North America working to achieve the Architecture 2030 Challenge and meet the Paris Climate Agreement targets.

Our Goals

  • Existing buildings:
    • Reduce building-related energy use, water consumption, and transportation emissions by 50%
  • New construction:
    • Carbon neutral buildings by 2030
    • Water consumption and transportation emissions 50% below District baseline

What's Happened So Far

  • 27 million square feet of floor space committed
  • 47 partners committed
  • Two benchmarking and reporting tools
    • Toronto 2030 Platform: Tracks building performance in the Toronto 2030 District using data from Toronto Hydro, Enbridge Inc, and Enwave Energy Corporation
    • Compass: Provides streamlined energy benchmarking for new construction projects at the design stage. 

What's Next

  • Engage The District Stakeholders – stay tuned for upcoming events that explore sector-specific solutions to reaching our climate change targets.
  • Enhance Our Data – Using the Toronto 2030 Platform, we will continue to develop new insights into building performance in the Toronto 2030 District. 
  • Roadmap to 2030 – Drawing on consultations from the Toronto 2030 Summit in 2020, the Roadmap will provide a timeline and implementation strategy for collective action towards achieving the Architecture 2030 Challenge and Paris Climate Agreement targets by 2030

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