Government-Supported Financing Resources

Project Financing

The resources in this category are enabled through municipal or regulatory assistance. Some of these financing mechanisms are readily available, while others require additional local government support – and may be advocacy opportunities for District staff and members.

Several rationales may warrant public or ratepayer intervention to augment existing private sector tools. Common rationales include the following:

  • More information is needed before private capital providers can deliver appropriate financial products.
  • Financial product standardization and aggregation are needed for financial institutions to deliver attractive capital.
  • New financial products are needed to overcome energy efficiency’s particular barriers.
  • Some customer segments are under-served by private capital markets

Improvements in building energy performance offer real benefits, yet the full economic, environmental and social benefits will only be realized when diverse financing mechanisms are understood by the market and deployed at large scales. While not every project requires third-party financing, innovative financing mechanisms are essential for many owners to take on comprehensive projects and deep energy retrofits that maximize value.