Case Study: Downtown Holiday Light Program requires only 12% of the energy used in previous years

Photo: Michael Cummo / Hearst Connecticut Media

The Stamford Downtown Special Services District (DSSD) is excited to unveil its Holiday Light Program which extends from Columbus Park, to Atlantic Street and Bedford Street. DSSD has chosen to utilize energy-efficient, LED lights exclusively, requiring only about 12% of the energy needed to power the traditional, incandescent lights used in previous years.

The DSSD Lighting Program includes:

  • Eighty (80) street trees extending from Columbus Park, Atlantic Street and Bedford Street.
  • Twelve (12) trees surrounding Latham Park.
  • DSSD has also decorated the thirty (30) foot Holiday Tree at Latham Park. DSSD has adorned the Holiday Tree with 10,000 multi-colored lights and more than two-hundred (200) ornaments.
  • The Holiday Tree is also decorated with three-hundred (300) strobe lights. These lights are active on two (2) minute intervals; four (4) times each hour.
  • The large oak tree that highlights Columbus Park is lined with 50,000 multi-color lights.
  • The trees surrounding the oak tree at Columbus Park are also lit.
  • At Kiwanis Park, located adjacent to the Palace Theater, DSSD has lit six (6) trees within the Park while also installing decorative, light rods, or icicles, on the walls of the two (2) adjoining properties.