Youth Council

College students Riley Burbridge and Elijah Gilmer have been working hard through the pandemic to form our first Youth Council. The group will cultivate the next generation of environmental leaders through tactile learning experiences for high school students to become aware of sustainability here in the PNW.

Youth Council slide: "Bridging the gap of today to sustain the future tomorrow"

They are currently looking for college-age members with diverse backgrounds to join the Council and would like to speak with high school science teachers to plan their curriculum. If you have information, please email Riley. Stay tuned for updates on the group in upcoming web posts and newsletters.

Why was the Seattle 2030 Youth Council created? 

The Seattle 2030 Youth Council was created to give high school students an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding for how the built environment impacts their environment. 

While Riley and Elijah were attending high school, they were only briefly taught about the water cycle and renewable energy sources. They never had any real-life applications of these topics, nor were they taught about how the built environment greatly impacts our communities in the greater Seattle area. The Seattle 2030 District Youth Council is created to address curriculum gaps in built environment sustainability for current high school students.

By giving 11th and 12th grade students the opportunity to learn about how water and energy play a major role in the modern day built environment, the Youth Council curriculum can equip students with knowledge that can inspire them to pursue a career in the built environment and create a systemic environmental impact in the greater Seattle area.

Riley and Elijah Excitement for the Future of the Youth Council:

Riley: As the Seattle 2030 Youth Council moves forward, I am most looking forward to being a driving youth voice as Seattle attempts to urbanize and develop sustainably. My purpose with the 2030 Youth Council remains to educate young community members, such as myself, to pursue and engage in a greener, cleaner Seattle that lives in harmony with the beautiful ecosystem that surrounds this amazing region. By empowering and harnessing the youth perspective in the greater Seattle area, I hope to encourage further sustainable development.

Elijah: As the Seattle 2030 Youth Council continues to develop and grow into its full potential, I’m excited and motivated to provide young adults with an education that I never was given. I strive to provide a curriculum and teaching that encourages students to give back through volunteering for the environment and community as a whole. We hope to provide the greater Seattle area with a green future backed by young adults that aren’t forced to make a change, but are driven to make a change.