Tenant Pledge Resources

What is the Tenant Pledge?

Organizations can commit to reduce their energy and water use and encourage low-carbon commuting among their employees. These actions are consistent with the Seattle 2030 District’s goals. In return, they receive benefits such as access to educational and networking sessions, assistance with developing and tracking performance measures, and demonstration of their commitment to sustainability.

For more details, see

http://www.2030districts.org/sites/default/files/atoms/files/Tenant Letter.FINAL_.pdf


Who Can Get Involved?

Any organization leasing space within the boundaries of the District (see http://www.2030districts.org/seattle/about) can sign the tenant pledge. In doing so, they can contribute to member buildings’ progress toward achieving the 2030 goals.  District member building owners and managers may also use the tenant pledge as a way to connect with their tenants around sustainability, using the pledge as a framework for addressing energy and water use and carbon from commuting choices.


Resources for Tenants

There are a number of publicly available resources to help tenant pledgers implement actions that contribute to achieving the 2030 goals.

Green Your Business/EnviroStars

The Seattle Public Utilities (SPU) EnviroStars Program offers free tools and assistance to help Seattle area businesses conserve resources and prevent pollution. They can become eligible for recognition by taking certain actions.

SPU EnviroStars Program Information

For more information on becoming an EnviroStars business, see the Washington EnviroStars website.

Green Leasing

Green leasing is the integration of energy and water efficiency, emissions reduction, waste minimization and other sustainability objectives throughout the entire commercial leasing process. It dictates that building performance become transparent to all parties involved in the lease transaction.

Building a Successful Green Lease

Green Leasing Questionnaire for Tenants

Retail Green Lease Primer

RMI and BOMA Sustainability Guide for Landlords and Tenants

Green Leases Toolkit

Energy Efficiency

There are a number of local and national resources to help make your business more energy efficient.

Seattle City Light Commercial outreach

Seattle City Light Business Tools & Resources

Seattle Department of Construction & Inspections Guide for Controlled Receptacles (outlets)

ENERGY STAR and Tenants

ULI Tenant Energy Optimization Program

Sustainable Commuting

Commute Seattle has helped Seattle businesses of all sizes unlock their potential and empower employees to utilize convenient, affordable, and sustainable transportation options

Commute Resources for Business Owners

U.S. Department of Energy Workplace Charging for EVs

Water Conservation

Saving water means saving money. Check out these resources for practical solutions and tips to lowering your organization's water consumption.

WaterSense at Work

Cleveland 2030 District Water Tips