St. Charles Apartments


Plymouth Housing Group transforms lives by providing permanent homes to homeless people with few other options for housing. Once a Pioneer Square hotel, It was renovated in 2004 and received water and energy upgrades from Emerald Cities Seattle’s RENEW Program. After benchmarking the project utilizing the WegoWise platform and 2030 District Goals as targets, significant savings opportunities were identified.

Onsite assessments were conducted by O’Brien and Company with support from Seattle City Light and Puget Sound Energy. MacDonald Miller installed low flow showerheads, low-flow kitchen aerators, and toilets at 0.8 gallons per flush. These measures have reduced water use has been reduced 49% from over 70 gallons per bedroom per day down to 36 gallons per day. In addition to the water savings measures, the project is achieving a 62% return on investment bettering the planned 20% target.