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4 November 2014 - 3:23pm

Community Solar Launches in Capitol Hill

Community Solar project is one of the EcoDistrict’s first major projects. Participants (you!) can buy in for as low as $150, support the program, then get their money back via credits on their Seattle City Light bill.  It’s pretty painless and

16 October 2014 - 1:13pm

The 2014 Vision Awards

On October 9th 2014 the Seattle 2030 District held our second annual awards event, the 2014 Vision Awards, where we honored members for their achievements over the last year, and highlighted current and future Seattle 2030 District programs. The

14 August 2014 - 12:00am

Congratulations Virginia Mason

Virginia Mason continues to receive national recognition for its commitment to environmental sustainability. In June 2014, the health care organization was one of only 10 health care organizations nationwide to receive the Circle of Excellence

14 August 2014 - 12:00am

How Green is My Neighborhood? Let Me Count the Ways

  Neighborhood-scale sustainable development is flourishing, as are tools for assessing and certifying the triple bottom line of projects. Ten neighborhood rating tools are reviewed for their best fit for planners, developers, and

3 July 2014 - 12:00am

The WAC featured on the Touch Summer 2014 Microsoft Presentation

    Two years ago, Washington Athletic Club rolled out a cloud-based solution from ICONICS to monitor its energy usage and regulate consumption in real time. The organization is already saving more than US$200,000 per year on its energy

6 March 2014 - 12:00am

Transit Cuts & Your Business: A Panel Discussion with Larry Phillips

  Dear Downtown Seattle Property Managers,  Join Commute Seattle, Downtown business leaders, transit advocates, and King County Councilmember Larry Phillips on March 19th for a panel discussion on King County Metro’s proposed service

6 March 2014 - 12:00am

The US House passes Better Buildings Energy Efficiency Bill

Good news! The US House today passed Better Buildings energy efficiency bill. The bill does a few good and relatively non-controversial things, including Tenant Star, green leasing and requiring Federally-leased buildings to benchmark &

13 February 2014 - 12:00am

Battle of the Buildings

    Tune in next Tuesday, February 18th at 1pm EST to learn how you can join the 2014 ENERGY STAR National Building Competition.   This year, EPA is pitting teams of buildings from across the nation against each other in a battle to see

13 February 2014 - 12:00am

EPA Launches WaterSense H2Otel Challenge to Encourage Water Savings

    WASHINGTON – The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) today launched the WaterSense H2Otel Challenge as a way for agency partners and other organizations to encourage hotels to use best management practices that will save water


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