Updates on Exciting Stormwater Projects

Photo of downtown Seattle at dawn

The Seattle 2030 District is in the process of creating a stormwater mitigation fund, thanks to the support from Watershed Regional Inventory Area (WRIA) 8. For those owners from Belltown to South Lake Union who cannot add GSI to their properties, we are developing new mechanisms to solve stormwater issues and to support Puget Sound's recovery. These are ultra-urban sites built out from lot lines, and many of these masonry structures can't manage the structural load capacity of a green roof or cistern and don't have sidewalk spaces for rain gardens or storm boxes.

To help meet the Seattle 2030 District goals of 50% stormwater impact reduction, members will be able to pay into a mitigation fund. We are partnering with Mid Sound Fisheries Enhancement Group to provide riparian restoration projects in the upper watershed. The geography is specific to the WRIA 8 section of the district. 

By establishing this fund, we will play an even more significant role in supporting a healthy watershed and addressing climate resiliency for the region. The funds will be directed to Bear Creek, one of the healthiest salmon bearing habitats in King County. To learn more about our partners in this effort, visit the WRIA 8 and Mid Sound Fisheries websites.

Stormwater summit PPT slide

Seattle 2030 District served as a partner and stakeholder in King County's Stormwater Summit Aligning Across Watersheds in May this year. We were able to weigh in on the perspective of our members and address the opportunities and obstacles for future planning and project funding as an outcome of the County's planning efforts.

Click here to watch summit presentations and inspirational speakers from the two-day event.

Crosswalk in Capitol Hill area of Seattle

We are excited to share a new project underway with Capitol Hill EcoDistrict and funded by the Seattle Department of Transportation. Seattle 2030 District will support a stormwater and green infrastructure awareness project, including walking tours of green infrastructure sites, new public art, and workshops for landowners. The project will launch in the fall of this year. Stay tuned for more details.