Seattle Announces its Transportation Electrification Blueprint

Electric car in front of Pike Place Market

The City of Seattle released its first-ever City-wide plan on March 17th to outline how Seattle will reduce climate emissions by creating a clean, equitable transportation system.

The Seattle Transportation Electrification Blueprint plans to meet ambitious GHG reductions by 2030 with the following 6- goal plan:

  • 100% of shared mobility services like bikes, taxis, and carshare services will be Zero Emissions.
  • 90% of all personal trips will be Zero Emissions through biking, walking, or e-vehicle use.
  • 30% of goods delivered are at Zero Emissions, aiming to transition delivery companies to electric vehicle fleets.
  • 100% of the City’s transportation fleet is fossil-free.
  • Ensuring “Green & Healthy Streets” in Seattle, which include streets that are closed to cars to promote alternative modes of transportation, like walking and biking.
  • Investments in electrical infrastructure to ensure the grid is reliable and can accommodate an electrified transportation system’s rapid adoption.

For more information on the plan, read the proposal, which also describes the challenges in implementing the project and envisioning successes.