Seattle 2030 District Partners with Switch Automation

The Seattle 2030 District is pleased to propose the following pilot project with Switch Automation, in conjunction with Seattle City Light, Microsoft, and the City of Seattle’s Office of Economic Development.

Switch Automation is the first automation company to announce an entirely cloud-based, on-demand platform, bringing cost effective and future-proof energy management and automation services to create the world’s most connected and intelligent buildings. The Seattle 2030 District has engaged Switch Automation to provide monitoring and analysis for Seattle 2030 District buildings that are learning about big data, priming them to make the leap into an eventual automation and analytics solution. Switch Automation will also create an aggregated view of results for Seattle 2030 District to share.

Fifteen member buildings from The Seattle 2030 District are currently piloting Switch’s platform for analyzing 15-minute interval energy use data from Seattle City Light.

Project goals and overview:

This project is part of the Seattle 2030 District’s Smart Buildings Pilot program, and has the following overall goals:

  • Increase awareness among building owners about the availability and the potential for near real-time energy data to deliver knowledge, empowerment and ultimately energy savings. 
  • This follows on from the current standard of monthly data for analyzing energy use
  • Create additional demand for services related to near real-time data,  monitoring, building analytics, and other tools which have the potential to increase building energy and resource efficiency
  • Secure Seattle’s place as a market leader in the Smart Buildings arena