Seattle 2030 District Endorses I-1631

Statement of Support

Seattle 2030 District supports I-1631

October 10, 2018

The Seattle 2030 District strongly supports Initiative 1631. It reflects our core mission and values, and will enhance the achievement of our goals.

Initiative 1631 imposes a fee on large-scale carbon polluters and invests that money across the state to accelerate efficiency improvements and mitigate the environmental harm caused by fossil fuel combustion. The increased cost for fossil fuels combined with state support for efficiency improvements will drive carbon reductions from both the supply and demand sides.

Washington State has far more to gain from a modern clean energy economy than it will lose with the shrinking of its old fuel-import economy. Seattle’s 1962 World’s Fair was named “Century 21,” and it’s now time to leave the 20th century behind.

Seventy percent of the receipts from this program are directed to a fund for clean air and clean energy investments, specifically including “…energy efficiency in new and existing buildings, with a goal of creating carbon neutral buildings across the state,” as well as programs to reduce transportation emissions, convert from fossil fuel to clean energy, develop district energy systems, and deploy solar energy. Another 25 percent is directed towards a “clean water and healthy forests” fund, which includes urban projects that create green stormwater infrastructure. Seattle 2030 District’s priorities align well with the activities to be funded from the fees collected, and we would anticipate being highly competitive to receive funding along with our members.

This initiative has the capacity to energize the entire state with new employment and innovation, and directs state agencies to “…drive its implementation with a sense of urgency.” The Seattle 2030 District shares this sense of urgency and endorses passage of this initiative.

With membership representing over 51 million square feet of real estate in downtown Seattle, the Seattle 2030 District is a coalition of industry professionals working to create a high-performance urban district in downtown Seattle and surrounding neighborhoods. The organization aims to create a more sustainable city by dramatically reducing environmental impacts by cutting energy and water use, managing stormwater with green infrastructure, and lowering emissions from transportation by the year 2030. For more information, please visit


Susan Wickwire, Executive Director                                                             Sabrina Villanueva, Board Chair