Member News: High-Tech Windows Pay Off in SLU building

by Daily Journal of Commerce staff  - May 25th, 2017

Henbart said the results are in after a year-long study of new windows in its 45-year-old Lake Union Building, at 1700 Westlake Ave. N. Single-pane windows were replaced with View Dynamic Glass made by View, Inc. of Milpitas, California. The glass adjusts in response to weather and user preferences. Tinting is achieved via nanolayers of electrochromic coating on the glass surface, which responds to a tiny voltage.

The University of Washington's Integrated Design Lab studied the energy savings, with financial support from BetterBricks, a commercial resource of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance. The results? Annual energy savings of 17.7 percent, worth about $28,000. The IDL estimates 351,604 kilowatt hours were saved, enough to power 33 homes. In a statement, Henbart president Mark Craig said, “Environmental stewardship is a hallmark of Henbart's new development and building maintenance practices. This study not only validates our assumptions in making an investment in the building but hopefully serves as an example of how new technology and emerging products can help building owners extend the life of commercial spaces and make good on the goal of sustainability while improving the tenant experience.”