Goodbye + Hello

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It’s with a heavy heart to announce that our Programs Director Steven Fry will be departing on Friday... but a comfort to know he will be pursuing interests and an Odyssey of his own. At the same time, we are thrilled to welcome Ellen Southard, a familiar face and frequent collaborator with the Seattle 2030 District. Ellen will be contracting with us until the end of the year to help continue our great work on stormwater management.

The Seattle 2030 District would like to thank Steven for all the innovative work he’s done in advancing our water/stormwater program. His two-and-a-half-year tenure was distinguished by his collaborations with members and partners in implementing viable solutions to protect our local water sources, and by the camaraderie he fostered with our small internal team. But beyond his accomplishments, his presence and clever insights will greatly be missed.

We are excited to have Ellen joining us, as she will be providing continuity to our GSI program. She has been dedicated to solving stormwater challenges and water-quality issues in Puget Sound for nearly 15 years, and her firm Site Story has operated the Salmon-Safe Puget Sound program for 10 years. Congratulations Ellen and welcome aboard!