Giving Tuesday is on 11/30!

2021 Giving Tuesday graphic

We’ve been bombarded with news reports about extraordinary climate events from all over the world. And we know that we are nearing crucial tipping points to make changes. 

Giving Tuesday is coming up on November 30th. It’s an opportunity to help us advance our work with members, local government, and the community to come up with solutions to lower emissions in the buildings. We have a lot of great programs underway that need funding, including:

  • Helping our members and community stakeholders navigate the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act and the Clean Buildings Act through education sessions, meetings, and case studies. 
  • Aid our partnership with the United Tribes of All Indians. We are working with them to build a Camas Prairie Green Roof at their new Carving House project in Lake Union Park. The green roof will be the research test site for carbon mitigation in stormwater treatment. 
  • Supporting our members and the community to utilize lower emissions solutions for transportation, so that they can reach 2030 District's carbon reduction goals.

Your end-of-year contribution will help us continue to do what we do best: Convening stakeholders that might not normally meet at the table to collaborate on projects that will reduce our carbon footprint in the built environment by 2030. For more information on the Seattle 2030 District, read our progress report.

To donate, click here. We will keep you posted on our progress through our website, white papers, and social media. Thank you in advance for your help!