2022 Energy Competition 2.0 | Call to small building owners

2022 Energy Competition 2.0, graphic for building owners

Last year's energy competition, 2021 Energy Roadmap, received a huge amount of enthusiasm from our members and the building community. For three months, five teams of architects, engineers, and general contractors came together to map out energy-saving ideas that included equipment upgrades, envelope upgrades, renewable energy, and other improvements. These teams looked at different combinations of strategies, and they assessed the potential energy, greenhouse gas savings, and associated construction costs. They considered how to implement measures over time to minimize costs and disruptions. ZGF Architects wrote a great article about the competition that appeared in gb&d Magazine

This year, the competition will focus on providing a path to net-zero energy for a BIPOC-owned building or low-income housing facility. This building will receive a comprehensive energy assessment to prepare for the changes in the city and state energy codes, as well as the Washington State Clean Building Standard.

For more details, please see our flyer. If you know of the perfect candidate, please reach out to Daniel Poppe | Executive Director, Seattle 2030 District at danielpoppe@2030districts.org. We will be searching for case study buildings from May until July (or until a building has been selected).