Reducing Emissions in Existing Buildings with OSE

BACKGROUND: City of Seattle’s Office of Sustainability and Environment (OSE) is evaluating policy approaches that would augment the Clean Buildings Act (HB 1257) to include existing building performance targets, called for in the Mayor’s 2018 Seattle Climate Action Strategy. Standards would be based on the energy and carbon performance by building type that will be necessary for Seattle to approach net zero carbon buildings. These would be backed by corresponding incentives, technical assistance, and other programs that encourage voluntary improvements and help building owners become early adopters. 

HOW YOU CAN HELP: OSE would like to discuss next steps with owners and developers in Seattle regarding existing buildings. This is your chance to provide input on incentives and resources that would be beneficial for you and your tenants. Please join us to help develop a plan that would work for everyone and get us to net-zero carbon. Breakfast and Coffee will be provided. Click here to register.

Event Address: 
500 Mercer Street
Seattle, WA 98109
Event Date: 
Tuesday, September 24, 2019 - 8:00am to 9:00am
Event Location: 
ATLAS Workbase