Carbon Pricing 101

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Our partners at The Wave NW let us know about an upcoming webinar of interest:

The idea of putting a price on carbon has been around in different forms and methods for the past couple of decades and more than 40 countries worldwide have some form of pricing in place. Yet in the United States, carbon pricing still lives very much in the theoretical realm, and remains controversial and politically stagnated. Carbon pricing encompasses a range of policies—carbon tax, cap and trade, tax and dividend, etc.—What is the difference? Does it matter? How high does the price need to be?

In preparation for the coming legislative session, in which Washington is expected to again consider pricing pollution, this webinar will give an overview of carbon pricing, how it’s supposed to work, and the lessons we’ve learned from folks who have policies in place.

Join Climate Solutions and guests for a discussion of what this means for Washington and the Pacific Northwest's efforts to get to 100% clean. Register here:

Event Date: 
Thursday, July 9, 2020 - 10:00am to 11:00am
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