2015 Visionary Award for Water - Seattle Academy of Arts and Sciences

The Seattle 2030 District has awarded Seattle Academy of Arts and Science a Vision Award for Water for the STREAM Building on Capitol Hill. Designed by the Miller Hull Partnership and built by GLY Construction, this new 5-story building has been combined with an existing facility creating a state-of-the-art learning center that retains the character of the surrounding residential and commercial neighborhood.


The project arose out of academy need and student vision. The academy needed a place to house their new science building and students, several having been through the school’s sustainability class, knew what features they wanted to see in their new learning center. They saw a building with lots of natural light, little to no air conditioning, green roofs and cisterns. Given that there are minimal grounds on the property, the students cleverly designated the captured water from the cisterns to flush toilets. 


The STREAM building, which opens to students this fall, realizes their vision. The building has a green roof, a 12,000 gallon cistern, uses photovoltaic panels, and has radiant heat floors and a passive cooling system. The calculated water savings in this project are impressive. In the first year 88% of potable water and 77% of stormwater will be managed, resulting in 415, 800 managed gallons of water. The Seattle 2030 District provided assistance to the project by helping the team incorporate achievement of the 2030 goals into the design and planning of the project. Designed to meet both LEED Gold and Platinum standards, STREAM is on track for being certified LEED Gold.