2015 Visionary Award for Transportation - 1521 2nd Avenue Building

The Seattle 2030 District has awarded the 1521 2nd Ave Building in downtown Seattle the 2015 Visionary Award for Transportation for installing a network of 60 EV chargers split between two garages – one of the largest number of chargers in one building on the West Coast.  What started as an inquiry from one condo owner emerged as a collaboration between residents, the Board of Directors, the Building Committee, HOA staff and contractors. 


The resulting installment is managed as a cooperative agreement that shares the cost of the VECA Electric charging stations among individual condo owners.  Each charger is located in the owner’s parking stall and the agreement is structured so that it is legally attached to their home. This way, the chargers can be bought and sold between condo owners. 


Electricity to power the chargers was made available through an LED lighting retrofit in the building's garage and stairwells. They also added occupancy sensors to reduce unnecessary electricity use.  The result of the energy efficiency projects will produce an estimated annual savings of 156,209 kWh and through monitoring consumption they hope to prove that the efficiency improvements offset the increased demand created by the EV charging stations. The charging network is scheduled to be fully active in 2016.