• This video introduces 2030 Districts, which are being formed across the United States to meet the energy, water and vehicle emissions targets called for by Architecture 2030 in the 2030 Challenge for Planning.

  • This webinar gives an overview of 2030 Districts and the value they bring to their cities and stakeholders.

  • General stucture and rationale for the creation of 2030 Districts.

  • This document describes the unique value of 2030 Districts and thier ability to leverage strategic partnerships to provide stakeholders with the education, services, tools and support needed to accomplish their performance goals.

  • This document explains the pathways to establishing a 2030 District either as a new and independent entity or integrating it as a program within existing organization.

  • Launching and running a new 2030 District is an intensive and engaging project.

  • This document explores the unique aspects of a 2030 District and how they differ from other aligned efforts.