Green Energy Maine News Article

"Portland Rises to 2030 District Challenge"

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    On October 4, 2016, Portland, Maine became the 15th North American city to launch a 2030 District plan to drastically reduce energy consumption from buildings and transportation.

According to the announcement on the 2030 District website, “The Portland 2030 District is a collaborative, nationally recognized, but local community of high performance buildings in downtown Portland that aims to dramatically reduce energy and water consumption and reduce emissions from transportation, while increasing competitiveness in the business environment and owners' returns on investment.”

This means that some of the city’s largest buildings will be implementing measures to save energy and water and to reduce carbon emissions, and will save money by doing so. It gets back to the principle that efficiency is the cheapest form of energy.

The process starts with benchmarking the energy and water usage of these buildings at today’s levels, in order to see “how low they can go” by 2030.