Small Buildings Can Make Big Changes in Energy Efficiency with this Workshop

Although small buildings (<50,000 sq ft) account for nearly half the energy used by US commercial buildings, they are under-served by energy efficiency programs. Green Building Alliance (GBA) is partnering with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs (LBNL) and ASHRAE Pittsburgh to offer a solution to this problem by engaging some of the people who know small commercial buildings best: HVAC contractors.

On Tuesday, February 10, GBA will host a training offered by LBNL engineers to introduce their newly-developed Energy Management Package (EMP). Intended for contractors serving the small commercial building sector, the EMP is designed to equip them with tools that will further distinguish them from their competitors, strengthen client relationships and add value to service contracts.

The session will include a discussion of the business model and value proposition for both the contractor and the customer, and present lessons learned from pilot demonstrations. Participants will learn how to use the EMP to analyze building energy data, perform an energy-focused one-hour onsite walk-through, and effectively communicate findings with the building owner. This data-driven approach will allow trainees to track building performance and identify low- and no-cost opportunities for improvement, streamlining the process through the use of guidelines and worksheets provided by LBNL.

GBA is excited for this opportunity to further local knowledge of energy efficiency in the small commercial sector, to engage with contractors serving these buildings, and to partner with Lawrence Berkeley National Labs. The workshop aligns very well with the mission of GBA's Pittsburgh 2030 District, which includes empowering small commercial building owners to meet the impact reduction goals laid out by the 2030 Challenge. 

Interested in attending so YOU can help small commercial buildings reduce their energy usage​? Click here to register!