Resource Specialist, Special Projects Director join GBA's Pittsburgh 2030 Team

Green Building Alliance is pleased to announce that Anna Siefken and Isaac Smith have joined the Pittsburgh 2030 District Team as Special Projects Director and Resource Specialist respectively.

Ms. Siefken brings significant building performance sector experience to Pittsburgh 2030 District efforts.  She will be working to strategically expand the Pittsburgh 2030 District program and drive special projects related to 2030 goals.   Learn more about Anna at Green Building Alliance’s website.  

Mr. Smith has previously worked with Founding Pittsburgh 2030 District Partners, BNY Mellon and Sustainable Pittsburgh.  He will be chiefly responsible for program operations and goal tracking relative to energy, water, and transportation emissions.  Learn more about Isaac at Green Building Alliance’s website

Green Building Alliance is grateful for funders who allow us to advance Pittsburgh 2030 District goals in Western Pennsylvania.  Ms. Siefken’s and Mr. Smith’s positions are funded, in part, through the generous support of The Heinz Endowments.