The Fourth Metric: Indoor Air Quality and the Pittsburgh 2030 District

If you’re familiar with the Pittsburgh 2030 District, you can probably name the goals of the 2030 Challenge for Planning off the top of your head: 50% reductions (below baselines) for energy, water, and transportation emissions for existing buildings. But did you know that the Pittsburgh 2030 District has indoor air quality as a fourth metric?

Three identical 2030 Challenge goals are being pursued by Property Partners in all fifteen 2030 Districts in North America while each is also welcome to select a fourth objective focusing on an issue relevant to their region. Albuquerque, for example, is tracking waste reduction and Seattle is looking at ways to manage storm water. Pittsburgh, famously described by James Parton in an 1868 issue of The Atlantic Monthly as “hell with the lid taken off” due to industrial smoke, is targeting improvements in indoor air quality. Why should employers and property managers care?

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