As part of achieving the building performance goals of the 2030 Challenge for Planning, we share the values and visions of our Partners for the community of Tucson:

  • Act as a catalyst, connector and advisor to accelerate the adoption of best practices, active collaboration and knowledge transfer within the District

  • To make Tucson an attractive place to work, live and enjoy life

  • To make Tucson a resilient community

  • To be sincere stewards of our natural resources

  • To work together to identify systemic barriers to conservation to create solid economic development

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We have developed realistic, measurable, and innovative strategies and programs to engage and work directly with our Property Owner Partners to assist them in meeting our aggressive goals, by: 

  • Analyzing utility bills to define energy and water performance in relation to 2030 Challenge goals

  • Analyzing their property to define opportunities for rainwater harvesting to make properties environmentally healthier and more resilient

  • Facilitating use of employee transportation surveys to explore more efficient transit solutions

  • Preparing and sharing reports with Property Owner Partners that outline improvements that can be made with explanations of the financial and environmental values

  • Providing connection to Professional Service Partners who are qualified to perform the improvement services

Tucson Calendar

Wednesday, March 11, 2020 - 5:00pm