Dallas 2030 District
28 March 2020 - 7:41am
See below for an update from Energy Star:  COVID-19 Update on the ENERGY STAR program for commercial buildings and industrial plants We want to provide you with an update on the ENERGY STAR program’s business operations during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our first priority is the...
Cleveland 2030 District
16 March 2020 - 7:17am
We're pleased to include Oatey among the progressive Cleveland properties to have joined the District, pledging to reduce their energy and water consumption, and their CO2 emissions from transportation.  
Ithaca 2030 District
13 March 2020 - 2:42pm
We are pleased to present the 2019 Progress Report for the Ithaca 2030 District. Part of a broader 2030 District Network involving 22 cities in the U.S. and Canada, the Ithaca 2030 District is a voluntary effort on the part of property owners and managers in Downtown Ithaca to meet ambitious energy...
Seattle 2030 District
13 March 2020 - 2:02pm
COVID-19 has created a new reality for all of us as we’ve been required to rethink and to modify activities in our daily lives. In the last few weeks, the Seattle 2030 District has been working remotely and have moved all of our meetings to phone and conference calls. For health and safety...
Tucson 2030 District
8 March 2020 - 2:08pm
The Tucson 2030 District and Local First Arizona have been working to expand out outreach by enagaing local business and entreprenuers in the formation of the Southern Arizona Greeen Business Alliance.  To find out more, visit
Ithaca 2030 District
25 January 2020 - 8:07pm
On Nov. 8, the Ithaca 2030 District announced the addition of six new properties to its membership, expanding the number of properties seeking to improve their environmental sustainability. The Ithaca 2030 District is “an interdisciplinary public-private collaboration working to create a...
Cleveland 2030 District
23 January 2020 - 5:58am
Jason Wood was sworn in as Cleveland's Chief of Sustainability on January 22, 2020.  Dr. Wood serves on the Cleveland 2030 District Board of Directors.  His previous position was Chief of Public Affairs for the Department of Public Utilities.  See the article here.
Seattle 2030 District
14 January 2020 - 10:13am
The Seattle 2030 District has joined a new Northwest coalition of over 100 stakeholders called The Wave, a program of the organization Climate Solutions. In addition to the work stakeholders do individually toward environmental sustainability through their organizations, this diverse group will...
Pittsburgh 2030 District
19 December 2019 - 6:58am
Our blog includes a link to the interactive data dashboard of results, as well as the ability to download the raw dataset of responses and survey questions. Link below!
Cleveland 2030 District
16 December 2019 - 2:09pm
Please find the December edition of the Cleveland 2030 District newletter here.