The 2014 Vision Awards

On October 9th 2014 the Seattle 2030 District held our second annual awards event, the 2014 Vision Awards, where we honored members for their achievements over the last year, and highlighted current and future Seattle 2030 District programs. The following members received awards for their exemplary contributions:

Seattle University: Winner of the Visionary Award in Transportation

The Night Hawk Safety Escort/ Patrol program provides a safe and convenient way of traveling throughout the surrounding community for SU students and affiliates during evening hours. Seattle University is replacing two gas-powered compact SUVs with a fleet of six all-electric Nissan Leafs. This allows them to greatly expand the coverage and service level of the Night Hawk program on the same budget, due to large gas and maintenance savings of EVs, while dropping vehicle emissions to zero. This will also expose hundreds of students, many of which may purchase a car soon, to electric vehicles, often for the first time. What Seattle University has done is a wonderful example of the full-circle benefits that electric vehicles bring.

Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research: Winner of the Visionary Award in Energy for the energy efficiency of their new 1100 Eastlake building

We were blown away by the performance achieved in a building type where energy efficiency has a lot of limitations, and feel this is an important example for future projects to reference. Labs and data centers are notoriously power-hungry buildings, and their specialized uses often limit the applicability of energy-saving measures. Both are both fast-growing building types in Seattle and we need good examples for these projects as they have the potential to consume huge amounts of energy locally.

1100 Eastlake has one of the most efficient data centers anywhere, measured by Power Usage Effectiveness. 1.00 would be a perfect number. 1.8 is considered average in the industry. Google averages 1.12. 1100 Eastlake's data center is operating at 1.05. The combined EUI of the entire building, which includes lab, data center, and office space, is 100 kbtu's per square foot per year. This is nearly at the national median for standard office buildings at 96 kbtu sf/yr, 1100 Eastlake is 45% lab space. Based on information submitted to Labs for the 21 Century, 100 Eastlake is 39% more efficient than the last 8 laboratories built in the NW and 25% more efficient than the next closest.

EnWave Seattle: Winner of the Visionary Award in Water

Potable water is a particularly scarce and expensive resource that is not needed for all water applications, EnWave is taking a visionary approach to their work by finding an appropriate alternative water source for steam generation that does not require potable water. At up to 90 million gallons of annual potable water use reduction, this is one of the single largest potable water reduction projects in the City of Seattle, and it may even be the largest, EnWave is grabbing groundwater just before it seeps into Puget Sound, using it to generate steam, then sending that water into Puget Sound through the City's wastewater system, effectively borrowing the groundwater for a short time without creating any net change in local water flow.

Seattle Aquarium: Winner of the Visionary Award for Leadership

It’s no coincidence that this year’s Vision Awards was hosted at the Aquarium.

Bob Davidson and his team embody the visionary leadership across disciplines necessary to meet our most challenging environmental goals, and we are recognizing them with our Visionary Leadership award. This is a new award category, made to recognize those projects and organizations whose work does not fit neatly into our energy, water and transportation categories, but spans across these goals, and in many ways transcends them. These goals, in many ways, are inextricably linked.

The Aquarium is making the invisible visible at Seattle’s front doorstep, they have made significant strides in energy, water and stormwater management, working with MacDonald Miller, Community Solar with City Light, Carbon capture with Forterra and being a Champion for water quality and restoration of Puget Sound

Thank you for all of the wonderful memories you create here, and for your visionary leadership to a greener future.