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The 2030 Districts Network is a US registered 501-c3 non-profit organization which works to help drive reductions in energy, water and transportation related emissions from the built environment.

The Network convenes and works closely with the various 2030 Districts around the US and Canada to help provide their members with services which they can implement to make meaningful changes to their real estate.  These efforts are the key to making changes which will address the threat from climate change.

The Network receives funding from several sources including grants and sponsorships.  If you are an individual and would like to help support our efforts, please click on the donate form found below.

If you are interested in being a corporate sponsor, joining a District or the Network, please visit this page to find out more information - Corporate Membership

Your donation will help the Network continue to provide education, programming and services to members throughout the country.  All donations will go directly to programming to help create meaningful change in the built environment.

If you are interested in our corporate sponsorship program for the Network, please see this page



To find out more about being involved or donating to a District or the Network, please contact us -