"Seal the Cracks" Raises Awareness About Local Carbon Offsets

The Finger Lakes Climate Fund has kicked its "Seal the Cracks" campaign this fall to raise awareness about local carbon offsetting and how to help others at the same time we take responsibility for our unavoidable greenhouse gas emissions.

The campaign will culminate in a community-wide carbon offset week from October 24 to 30 filled with fun and inspiring events for families, students, businesses, and local residents.  

The goal is to raise $10,000 to help people in our community who don't have the money for basics like insulation, and who are at the same time most burdened by high heating costs.

The Finger Lakes Climate Fund uses carbon-offset donations to fund energy efficiency projects that would not otherwise be possible in lower-income households, increasing their comfort and security while providing local jobs. These grants fund insulation, air sealing, energy efficient heating equipment, and other upgrades to reduce energy use and greenhouse gas emissions.

By helping to "seal the cracks", you can help individual local families while at the same time helping the larger community reach its climate protection goals with your carbon offset.

Created in 2010, the Climate Fund has awarded $26,364 in grants to 11 local households, one business, and one nonprofit. Typically, these matching grants leverage about five times more investment in energy improvements by filling the gap in financing.

You can join in today by visiting fingerlakesclimatefund.org and offsetting your recent or upcoming travel or some of your building fuel use.