New businesses added to Ithaca's 2030 District

Ithaca 2030 District announced Friday that six new properties had been added to its membership, and that its borders had been expanded to include new members.

The new members were listed as 104 East State Street, Autumn Leaves Used Books, Finger Lakes ReUse Center, New Roots Charter School, the Paleontological Research Institute and Museum of the Earth and Petrune. According to a news release, the total square footage of member businesses and properties is 292,776 sq. ft.

“We are excited to welcome our new members and look forward to our continued expansion,” said Peter Bardaglio, Executive Director. “They join some of Ithaca’s most environmentally committed and forward looking property owners in the city [...] As the city moves to implement Mayor Myrick’s Green New Deal for Ithaca, the 2030 District can serve as a model for how collaboration and shared resources can help us move to a low-carbon economy."

The Ithaca 2030 District aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from commercial properties, which make up nearly half of the city's total emissions. Bardaglio further wrote in the release that the district has expanded to include the West Hill area, so that PRI was eligible to join. 2030 Districts are unique private/public partnerships bringing together property owners and managers with community and professional stakeholders to meet the incremental energy, water, and transportation emission reduction targets established by Architecture 2030 in its 2030 Challenge for Planning.

The targets include a 50 percent reduction total by 2030 for existing buildings, along with a 50 percent goal immediately for new projects. Plus, in terms of a building's energy consumption, the goal is 80 percent reduction by 2020, 90 percent reduction by 2020 and 100 percent by 2030.

Matt Butler, Ithaca Times, 11/8/19