December 14th Meeting to Focus on City Decarbonization Plan

Details About How Commercial Building Owners Can Benefit Will Be Discussed

Ithaca's building decarbonization plan has received a huge amount of media attention recently, including articles and interviews in the GuardianWashington PostCNBC, and NPR.

The plan, approved by the Common Council last month and spearheaded by City Sustainability Director Luis Aguirre-Torres, involves the electrification of both residential and commercial buildings in Ithaca, with the goal of eliminating all greenhouse gas emissions.

The innovative initiative combines private sector financing with underwriting from the state and federal governments. BlocPower, a Brooklyn-based firm that carries out energy efficiency retrofits, has been selected to manage the program. Other companies involved in the effort include Alturus, which will facilitate electrification and retrofits of commercial buildings, and Energetic Insurance.

Rollout of the commercial side of the project will be the featured topic at the next quarterly District Partners meeting. Aguirre-Torres and Tommy Freeman, who handles strategic partnerships at Alturus, will outline the building selection process, how the financing will work, and next steps.

Luis Aguirre-Torres will discuss the rollout of the city decarbonization effort at the December quarterly meeting.

Since at least 40 percent of Ithaca's greenhouse gas emissions come from buildings, this campaign is crucial to the success of local climate protection efforts. The Ithaca 2030 District launched in 2016 with the hope that we could not only collect, analyze, and benchmark the performance of member buildings but also find affordable ways to reduce their carbon footprint. We have the opportunity now to make that promise a reality.

Be sure to attend this meeting so you can find out how to participate in this exciting effort!

Luis Aguirre-Torres speaking.