Community Solar Focus of March 18th Quarterly Meeting

What is Community Solar and Can It Work for You?

With spring just around the corner, it's a time of renewal and fresh opportunity. The snow is finally melting and the days are getting longer.

Keeping the seasonal transition in mind, the upcoming District Partners meeting will explore community solar, a new type of energy opportunity that can help District members reduce the carbon footprint of their buildings.

Community solar allows people who could not otherwise participate to enjoy the benefits of solar energy and save money on their electricity in the process. Instead of installing an array on your roof or property, community solar is installed at an offsite location. Insufficient space on your roof or property or inadequate exposure to the sun are no longer barriers to going solar.

One of our property members, Ben Rosenblum, has recently entered into a community solar agreement with a local project, and he'll talk about his reasons for doing so and what his experience has been. Ben, an architect and sustainable design consultant based in New York City, is the owner of the Printing Press at 416 E. State St. and one of the founding members of the Ithaca 2030 District.

In addition, Michael McGuigan, a junior at Cornell who is studying Environmental Science, will explain the nuts and bolts of community solar. Michael is an intern this semester with Common Energy, an MIT spin off that helps bring solar community projects to fruition in New York State.

Be sure to attend what will be an eye-opening discussion about an important strategy for meeting the 2030 District greenhouse gas emissions goals and cutting your energy costs!

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