Ithaca 2030 District's New Intern: Michael Licata

The Ithaca 2030 District welcomes Michael Licata as its new intern for 2022-23. Michael is a senior at Cornell University pursuing a B.S. in Environmental Science and Sustainability. His primary responsibility is serving as the 2030 District's energy and water analyst.

Michael came on board in June. He oversees the collection of the energy and water data for each building in the District, regularly updating the performance dashboards and ensuring that they are performing properly. He has a strong background in Python, the programming language that undergirds the dashboards, and has already carried out upgrades to improve their reliability and appearance.

Michael has previously served as an undergraduate research assistant in two university labs and as an administrative and planning assistant for Staten Island, his hometown. He is also an intern for Galehead, a technology and services platform for renewable energy development.

Michael Licata