Occupancy-Based Strategic Energy Management Webinar

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Occupancy-Based Strategic Energy Management Webinar
With Consumers Energy and Waypoint Energy

Panelist: Brian Keller, Manager at Waypoint Energy 

Intro: We would like to invite you to join the Consumers Energy Occupancy-Based Strategic Energy Management (OB SEM) team as they discuss methods of saving energy in your office and retail spaces.  Employees that used to work in the office full-time now might only spend a few days each week onsite, while organizational needs require corporate occupiers to have more space available than they can use on a given workday. While most office workers have transitioned to hybrid work from home/in-office models, energy use in commercial office buildings has dropped very minimally from pre-pandemic levels. If your operating procedures are designed around pre-pandemic work norms, you are likely paying for unnecessary energy use. Learn how the Consumers Energy OBSEM Program can help you address occupancy shifts in office buildings at a portfolio level. This free program will evaluate occupancy, vacancy, and energy use at each of your office sites to identify operational savings measures as well as capital projects that are eligible for Consumers Energy incentives.

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Event Date: 
Thursday, January 26, 2023 - 10:00am to 11:00am