A Day Without Water 2017 (Oct. 12, 2017)

What is Imagine a Day Without Water?

Imagine a Day Without Water is a national education campaign to engage stakeholders, public officials, and the general public about how water is essential, invaluable, and needs investment. It will take place October 12, 2017, and includes events, resolutions, social media engagement and more across the country.

Water and wastewater providers, public officials, business leaders, labor leaders, environmental organizations, community based organizations, schools, engineers, and others are encouraged to join this national day of action to secure a sustainable water future.


Is this the first Imagine a Day Without Water?

The 2017 event will be the third annual Imagine a Day Without Water. The Value of Water Campaign launched Imagine a Day Without Water as a national advocacy and awareness day in 2015. We were thrilled with the success of our effort in our first year. In 2015, more than 185 organizations signed up to participate, and everyone from car washes to aquariums, water utilities to public schools chipped in to make the day a wild success. Mayors hosted press conferences, city council passed resolutions, water and wastewater providers opened up their treatment plants and facilities for tours, schools asked students to imagine a day without water, and more. In 2016, we doubled participation to include 300 organizations and we look forward to growing even more this year.


Who can participate?

Anyone and everyone who cares about water and our nation’s infrastructure challenges is welcome to join. We’ve recruited water and wastewater providers and agencies, mayors, local elected, contractors, civil engineers, schools, aquariums, and more, to participate in Imagine a Day Without Water.


How do we sign up?

Just visit our sign up page, enter in a few basic pieces of information and you’re in!


What should my organization do for the day?

We’re encouraging organizations to do whatever is the best fit for them. Some groups are going to host an event at a facility site or treatment plant. Others are working with their mayor, governor, or city council on a proclamation or resolution. Still other groups are going digital and will create a video or social media campaign.


What if we want to do something that isn’t on your list of suggestions?

Go for it! Ours are just suggestions, but lots of groups have come up with wonderful ideas that we never thought of and we love them.


What other organizations are participating?

Visit the list of participating organizations to see who participated in Imagine a Day Without Water last year. We will create a 2017 participants page shortly. If you want to know if someone in your area is already considering participating in the effort, send an email to Madison Heuston mheuston@uswateralliance.org and we’ll be in touch. If there is another organization in your region that we know wants to do something for Imagine a Day Without Water, we’ll connect you!

What materials do you have that we can use?

In the coming weeks, we will create a resources section that will include the Imagine a Day Without Water logo, a template op-ed, resolution, press release, and more for you to use. Additionally, the Value of Water Campaign has created a toolkit “What’s the Value of Water?” which is available if you’d like to use any of its print ads, bill stuffers, or other materials.

Can we suggest additional materials?

Of course! If there is something that we could create that would be useful to you, send an email to Madison Heuston mheuston@uswateralliance.org