Bringing energy analytics to District members

Running a building is a complex undertaking.  With the many duties building managers and engineers juggle on a daily basis, investigating intricacies of energy use often slides down the priority list.  

That’s why the Denver 2030 District partnered with Agilis Energy to offer free high-resolution energy evaluations for our member buildings. Vector Properties was one of the first to take advantage of this benefit by signing up one of their buildings, 1001 17th Street, for this opportunity.

“Despite having an Energy Star score of 94, we wanted to see if there were ways to further reduce our energy consumption, as well as help minimize our demand charges,” said Wendy Williams, Director of Property Management for Vector Property Services.

Through this pilot program, Agilis Energy analyzed thousands of data points for 1001 17th Street, using interval meter data and building automation system data. The result was an MRI-style scan of the building operations, shown below, that illustrated detailed building energy use.

Standard operations were evaluated, including building ramp up and shut down processes. Sub-meter data also was investigated to look for anomalies in the operation of particular pieces of building equipment. The savings potential, based on local utility data, were included as part of the analysis.

“We were very impressed with the level of detail, graphs, and insights provided by Agilis Energy,” added Williams. “We think this is a great service for any building that wants help investigating energy savings opportunities.”

Want to see where you stand? If you’re interested in conducting a high-resolution energy evaluation of your building, contact John Bernhardt at to learn more.