Updates to Energy Star metrics with new market data: See how this impacts you

As you know, in August the EPA updated performance metric for U.S. buildings in Energy Start Portfolio Manager. This update is part of EPA’s standard process to keep Energy Star metrics as current as possible, and reflective of current market performance. Currently, an additional review period has been implemented. See frequently asked questions below.

1. What was updated in the August 2018 "Score Update?"
All properties (scoreable and non-scoreable) were updated in Portfolio Manager. The updates will include:
The underlying ENERGY STAR models for the following property types were updated based on 2012 CBECS data: Office, Financial Office, Bank, Courthouse, Retail, Supermarket, K-12 School, Hotel, Warehouse, Worship Facility
Reference data was updated (this is done annually). Of note is that Site-to-source conversion factor for electricity was updated from 3.1 to 2.8. This affects all property types. This update reflects improvements to the electric grid’s efficiency.
National Median values were updated based on the 2012 CBECS data.
A new option ("Data Center Estimated Energy") is now available to buildings that have a Data Center tenant to receive a score and certification if the data center is not properly metered. This option is not available to standalone data centers.
Note: None of the data that you "input" into Portfolio Manager has been changed. This includes: meters, meter entries, property uses, property use details, and basic property information.

2. Why is certification suspended?
ENERGY STAR certification is suspended for some property types while we* temporarily focus on a review of the scores released in August 2018.
The review period will help us ensure that the models are working as intended to deliver energy performance metrics that empower you to make the business case for owning and operating energy-efficient buildings. EPA will work in conjunction with stakeholders and technical experts to conduct this analysis and adjust the scoring models, if needed. This will include further evaluation of score changes for U.S. buildings of different sizes, locations, and fuel mixes, as well as additional types of analysis that are possible now that stakeholders are able to update their data and calculate their revised scores in the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager software tool.
EPA will extend the deadline to allow eligible building owners to obtain 2018 certification once review period is complete. Note that prior to the score update, EPA offered building owners an early certification period to encourage them to obtain 2018 certification wherever applicable. As a result, the number of buildings that have already received 2018 certification is close to the total for 2017 and greater than for 2016

3. How long will certification be on hold?
EPA is working to reinstate certification by early 2019. We* will resume accepting certification applications by property type as each model is evaluated (which will happen on a rolling basis).

4. What is the additional review period?
EPA’s three-phase review period
As we* communicated previously, now that the new ENERGY STAR score models are live in Portfolio Manager, EPA is implementing an industry engagement and review period, which will be conducted in three phases:

• Phase 1: Listening & engagement: The first phase of the review period is a listening phase, during which we* are soliciting feedback on the application of the models to various U.S. commercial building sectors and the resulting scores. EPA collected feedback online through October 10th. If you have additional input, please contact user support.
• Phase 2: Analysis based on feedback: The next phase will be analysis, which we* will conduct using the feedback and observations collected during the listening phase. EPA will work in conjunction with stakeholders and technical experts to conduct this analysis.
• Phase 3: Communication of results: Once the analysis is complete, we’ll* determine if any adjustment is necessary to any of the score models. We’ll* communicate the results to you through webinars and other channels.
We’ll complete all three phases property type by property type, and as each property type’s model review is finalized, we’ll* resume processing ENERGY STAR certifications.

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*We refers to the EPA
The above updates and information comes directly from the Energy Star EPA website