Tompkins County

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Tompkins County was founded in 1817. Since 1970, it has operated under a County Charter, with a legislature-administrator form of government.

County Legislature
  • Oversees county services and spending
  • Sets policy and determines the best use of financial
  • resources
  • Appoints the County Administrator, County Finance
  • Director, County Attorney, and Legislative Clerk
  • Legislators elected every four years from districts of approximately equal population size
County Administrator
  • Oversees and coordinates county government
  • operations to carry out policies of the Legislature
  • Appoints all other non-elected department heads, subject to Legislature confirmation
  • Guides delivery of services by employees of countydepartments and through contracts with not-for-profit agencies and service providers
Tompkins County
125 East Court St.
Ithaca, NY 14850
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Property Owner/Manager
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