Spectra Tech Ltd.

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Spectra Tech Ltd is a highly specialized consulting firm that will empower your project team by providing onsite testing and design expertise in matters of acoustics, sound, noise & vibration control, and impact insulation that is, by its nature, impractical for your organization to maintain in-house, and more costly for you to access in any other way.

Services include:

  • Acoustics, sound, noise & vibration control and impact insulation design assistance.
  • Onsite testing per LEED, WELL, ASTM, ASHRAE, ANSI, ISO, HUD, OSHA, and Local Ordinances
  • Visit our Website for details concerning design and testing services, and our extensive

Contact - Richard Lemker, President/Lead Consultant

Spectra Tech Ltd
6432 Gracely Dr.
Cincinnati, OH 45233
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