Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church

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Four lots were purchased on the corner of Chalmers and Seymour and the first house of worship was dedicated in October of 1922. The first story of the bungalow was converted into a chapel and the second story was used as the pastor's residence. This first building would later become the parsonage until 1942 when it was moved and sold. Shortly after the completion of the chapel, the new congregation's name was changed to Montclair Heights Ev. Lutheran Church.
Camp Restore Detroit: On May 6, 2017, Mt. Calvary began a new start-up: Camp Restore Detroit. Mt. Calvary began supplying overnight housing for volunteers who want to give hope and make a difference in the lives of the residents of Detroit. Campers are housed on the second floor of the school building and have use of the large gym and lunchroom in the basement. 

Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Bldg. 1
17100 Chalmers Ave.
Detroit, MI 48205
Mt. Calvary Lutheran Church Bldg 2
48941 Chesapeake Ct.
Shelby Township, MI 48315
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