HydroTech Solutions

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HydroTech Solutions provides water conservation technologies for commercial and industrial facilities that also reduce energy costs and chemical use. HydroTech's Total Water Management program captures water volume and water quality data with IoT sensors, allowing users to monitor key water metrics in real-time on mobile or desktop devices. We use HydroFLOW physical water conditioning that forces dissolved calcium to crystallize in the water stream to be filtered out, reducing 50% of water consumption. Our service includes monthly observations of chillers and cooling towers to validate operating data, equipment condition, biological control (with periodic sampling for legionella), and system efficiencies.

Monthly reports include operating data, analytics of performance with predictive maintenance indicators, photos and lab analysis. HydroTech's technologies conserve millions of gallons of water per year per building, verified by real-time operating data that is available for sustainability metrics and Building Management Systems. 50% water savings, 80% chemical reduction, 10% energy conservation and reduced repairs and maintenance over time.

For more information please visit our website www.hydrotech.solutions

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