Green Cincinnati Education Advocacy

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Green Cincinnati’s goal is to help promote Green Building and sustainability in the Tri-State and provide the public with the resources needed to advocate for the U.S Green Building Council's LEED Certification process and measurable environmental benefits for all species.

Through seminars, tours, and hands-on projects, green thinkers — designers, visionaries, activists, homeowners, educators, students, contractors, and suppliers are encouraged to learn more about the USGBC methods in constructing sustainable structures.

Green Cincinnati offers the creation of technical literature for advanced Green sustainable products to receive acceptance in the marketplace. Please contact us for assistance in developing branding, research, brochures, web sites, technical literature, presentations, and publicity that doesn't "Greenwash" the subject. We also offer LEED AP commercial services, Sustainability Awareness Training, internships, renewable energy education, and custom presentations.

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Community Stakeholder