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Graphet Data Mining is known for its data-driven, holistic approach to energy conservation. Based in Cincinnati, Ohio, we have been allowing stakeholders to see the invisible waste and achieve reliable results in energy reduction for commercial, industrial and institutional clients nationwide since 2001. Through our partnerships with corporate management teams, city stakeholders, state programs, and utility companies, we are able to implement effective and affordable strategies for energy.

Cincinnati 2030 District Members may be able to take advantage of the Energy Efficiency Program (EEP) offered by Ohio Development Services Agency (ODSA). This program provides grants for energy assessments at companies in Ohio that meet eligibility requirements. Both for-profit and not-for-profit entities are eligible for grants. Graphet Data Mining is a certified facilitator for this program.

  • Workshops
  • Treasure Hunts
  • Energy Management Benchmarking
  • Panel Presentations

See for upcoming events or to download information from past events.

Sustainability is a collaborative journey; people, process, and technology are key drivers for ensuring that there is continued momentum for action. Our energy services support the key areas that are needed for implementing a continuous improvement process to engage energy champions and manage building energy efficiency, including:

  • Setting up key energy performance indicators and accountabilities
  • Developing strategic energy management plans
  • Niche technical expertise for data-driven energy strategy
  • Energy management benchmarking
  • Energy best practices training, including best practices and tools for key energy-using systems
  • Energy efficiency event coordination, outreach, and post-event follow-through

2030 Members interested in a free assessment of their utility data reviewed by a Graphet Energy Analyst submit the Site Background Form - Energy Management Services to

Contact - Nikhila Rao, Co-founder & General Manager

Phone - (513) 474-4870

431 Ohio Pike
Suite #203
Cincinnati, OH 45255
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Professional Stakeholder