FEHAJ Limited Partnership

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Fehaj (for every home a job) Limited Partnership, a Michigan company, plans to develop its properties in Southwest Detroit as mixed use so providing opportunities for employment for its low income residential tenants and raising commercial rents to finance the renovation of its buildings. It is listed under Motor City Match and is following the program as a building owner as well as a business owner. It is currently finessing the business plan to establish an hotel that will house long term guests (the original tenants) in housekeeping suites as well as shorter term hotel guests for 2 nights to a month, a cider bar and restaurant. The industrial and residential neighbourhood is within walking and biking distance of the downtown core and the property itself will feature a small orchard as an amenity for its guests and tenants.

FEHAJ Limited Partnership
3325 Michigan Ave
Detroit, MI 48216
Company Type: 
Property Owner/Manager