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The construction industry is responsible for up to 40 percent of the waste in landfills across North America. Traditionally, construction crews acquire extra wood, studs, drywall and other materials they need to build out a job. They measure and cut the materials on-site and throw the rest into rented bins. The bins are hauled, at significant expense, to landfills that could be as far as 50 miles away, where tipping fees are paid to dump the construction waste.

 None of this happens with Falkbuilt.

Our process reduces waste from start to finish—from the design process all the way through to build at the job site. Digital Component Construction uses far less materials than conventional construction. We precision cut components in our factory, stack them compactly on a truck and deliver them to site. There is no extra material.  There are no dumpsters or disposal fees. There is virtually no waste on the job site and any packaging is recyclable and/or reusable.  

Falkbuilt components include steel framing, cladding, millwork, pre-engineered electrical solutions and a wide variety of door options.

Our sustainability benefits begin with the design process. By using a web-based tool called designMix, 3D modeling tools,  virtual and augmented reality tools, our clients experience their space before it’s built. Any or all design modifications happen at the virtual stage before materials are created, reducing waste due to design changes.

Designers browse the finishes they want virtually and order a handful of swatches to look at instead of hundreds. Instead of using veneer, which requires the harvesting of trees and can result in significant waste when trying to match graining throughout a project, we provide rich wood textures with Falkskin. It provides wood grains, cool marble, and other stone textures without having to cut down one tree or extract anything from the Earth. Falkskin, a Thermofoil/3D laminate, is applied in our factory, eliminating the need for any finishing materials on site. It’s seamlessly vacuum-formed around contoured components, including edges, to seal Falkbuilt cladding, millwork, and extrusions.

Falkbuilt’s day-to-day operations employ environmentally sensitive methods, materials, and energy sources. Our co-founder, Mogens Smed has a well-known commitment to environmental sustainability. Named "Environmental Champion" by Interiors and Sources Magazine (2004), Smed was awarded by the American Society of Interior Designers (ASID) for his work in mitigating construction waste and making the interiors of buildings adaptable and sustainable. He is one of the few entrepreneurs in the construction industry who has been able to blend environmental sustainability with profitability.

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