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Committed to Green

We don’t just design and build green, we live it. Since 1983, our founder Guy Bazzani, has earned the reputation of pioneer and visionary of high-performance green design and construction within diverse, urban environments. Today, guided by the Triple Bottom Line philosophy, the Bazzani team continues to design and build award-winning developments, recognized for their efficient performance and sustainability. We share your passion and belief that green is the way to build. Explore our site. Check out our work. Then, let’s talk.

Guided by the Triple Bottom Line Philosophy

We recognize the interplay between the economic, social, and environmental facets of our world. In all of our projects, we continually balance the aspects of economic viability, social responsibility, and environmental integrity – it is how we define sustainability and demonstrate respect for our clients, tenants, employees, the environment, and future generations. 

Driven by our Mission and Focused on Meeting Clients’ Needs

Our mission is to serve our clients by creating high-performance buildings that are cost-effective, efficient, and sustainable. We see responsible business as a vehicle for improving the economic, social and environmental health of the communities we serve. Our efforts inspire residents, businesses, non-profits, and municipalities to collaborate and thrive. Rely on us to take a holistic approach to meet your needs through creative problem-solving and innovative, sustainable solutions. Here’s how we work.

Bazzani Holdings, LLC
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